你可以听采访 再听一遍.


如果你可以的话’我会告诉您,不要打扰! Alvanon总裁Ed Gribbin的最后一点是,妇女“too 情感的”自己购买衣服时。当为他们的孩子或伴侣购买时,他们保持冷静和理性。当面对自己的购买时,’s apparently not the fault of varying sizes from store to store or a lack of communication from the retailers that we find it frustrating 和 difficult to buy clothing that 适合s, it’s because we’re irrational 和 over 情感的.

At the time I was too busy trying to frame a proper answer to think about it, but as I headed home, read tweets 和 thought about it more I got crosser 和 crosser. 今天 I intend to masterfully refrain from the use of expletives 和 address some of the points made by the talkative Ed Gribbin in 我的 own time.

It’很长,所以我希望你’ll bear with me!


很多时间都花在谈论“fit”, rather than size. This makes sense as it appears that Alvanons main business is producing 适合 models. I think that most of us, when considering our size in a shop are perfectly able to take their own proportions into account. Being aware that your waist is slightly thicker than average, or your hips slightly larger might lead you to take a couple of different sizes into a changing room. It doesn’t explain why a full skirted dress in a size 10 might 适合 you in one store, but in another you can’完成14个任务。

I, for instance, am well aware that 我的 waist to hip ratio is considerably different from the UK average. I therefore never attempt to buy 适合ted dresses or pencil skirts on the High Street. 如果我 wanted them to 适合 I know they would need altering 和 it’s rarely worth it.

我认为,这种论点是自我限制,因为针对年轻市场的商店’t generally making the kind of clothes a 45 year old woman wants to buy anyway, but even if she did I see no reason why a size 12 skirt should be 2 sizes too small in TopShop 和 a perfect 适合 in Wallis. It might not SUIT her, the proportions might be all wrong. It could be too long or unflattering on that saddle bag area, but it shouldn’t be far too small.


我做。我也知道它们如何变化。我知道在无法再吃午餐之前,我可以避免的最小和最大腰围和臀围是多少。这是我与大多数购买老式服装的女性的共同点,’ll also have an idea of any slightly unusual measurements so they can check an item will 适合 a long torso or wide shoulders.

如果我’m buying a full skirt, I know that the main measurement to take into account is 我的 waist, where as a more 适合ted garment it would be 我的 hips (waists can be altered), 和 I’会适当地挑我的尺寸。

我觉得很多女人DON的原因’不知道他们的测量结果对他们没有好处。如果我根据其尺码指南的尺码从Next购买服装,我会得出结论,我的胸围和臀部的尺寸为14,腰部的尺寸为12。这是我所期望的,因为我已经知道自己的尺寸小于平均腰围。然后,我会完全合理地认为,最好的事情就是购买 这款帝国风连衣裙 in a size 14 to 适合 我的 bust.



女装 know their 形状


女人确实知道自己的体形以及商店不知道的事实’不能准确传达他们正在建造的形状,可能会使他们失去习俗。如果我知道那里有个品牌“quite 弯曲的” 形状 where I could purchase a skirt that 适合 on 我的 waist 和 hips then they would probably have a new loyal customer.


女装 are too 情感的 about their clothing purchases

我真的认为,这背后的含义是令人难以置信的侮辱,并回到了 购物的性别政治, 我 ’ve discussed before. It also carries an assumption that being 情感的 is automatically a bad thing.

The way I see it there are 2 general types of 感情 women experience when shopping for clothes for themselves.

  • 预期情绪
  • 情绪来自购买新事物的想法或行为。


    These are the 感情s 杂志和商店橱窗陈列想要鼓励。他们制作明亮,有吸引力的展示和面向生活方式的广告,以鼓励您购物。 In it’s darkest incarnation these 感情s can lead to anxiety 和 frustration, 和 even things like shopping addiction as we’鼓励人们相信,购买新手袋确实会给我们带来国际超级巨星的光辉人生。这也是为什么我现在很少阅读时尚杂志的原因。

  • 失望的情绪
  • 情绪源自您的期望与现实之间的不匹配。


    The responsibility for controlling either of these type of 感情 can’正如埃德·格里宾(Ed Gribbin)所建议的那样,应直面女性消费者的脚下,也不应该这样做!

    Purchasing clothing SHOULD be partly an 情感的 experience. If you care about what you look like then that’s an 感情 和 not one we should be trying to get rid of. I think the current popularity of stretchy clothes, baggy T shirts 和 leggings is down, in part, to an attempt to control that 感情. If it’既松紧又宽松’t possibly not 适合/suit 和 you avoid those negative 感情s. I certainly know there was a lot more lycra in 我的 我重的时候衣柜。

    商店想要的是鼓励很多可爱的人 感情s in you. Those 感情s keep you shopping to get that nice feeling. They manipulate the first type of 感情 using advertising 和 window displays. The second 感情 is harder to control, but if they want you to feel good about your purchases they don’t want you disappointed 和 upset. Tactics like vanity sizing make you feel more 正 about the 适合 of the clothes you buy, as do modern day staples like elasticated waists 和 arms 和 jersey fabrics, all minimising the risk of something not 适合ting 和 making you feel bad.

    所以不要’t feel bad about getting 情感的 about your clothes 和 shopping, but do take responsibility for those 感情s. Don’不要让想要您花钱购买不讨人喜欢,价格过高且质量差的衣服的商店操纵它们。

    Become an 情感的, but educated, consumer. Be realistic about your body 和 what suits it 和 don’不要让标签上的数字摇头。尺寸为10并不意味着什么’s只是一个数字,可以表示34.3起的臀部尺寸″在英国标准尺寸表上达到37.5″ at Next

    直到零售商同意传达他们的信息“shape” models better, have more accurate sizing charts, add measurements to their labels (you see this in 复古的, why did they stop?) 和 stick to a 标准 size scheme there isn’我们可以为尺寸不匹配做很多事情。




    Unless we make a noise about the lack of 标准isation in clothes sizes 和 how we feel about them it will always be men like Ed Gribbin who get the last say on what we get from a shopping experience. It’s your money, if you’不高兴,说出来!



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